Design Process


Discover Your Needs – The first step toward achieving a quality landscape is scheduling an initial consultation and site visit with us, so that we may understand what you want to achieve with your environment and to incorporate your personal style and preferences. At this meeting, you communicate your wish list and explain any concerns that may exist. We can also help you create this wish list, if you prefer additional guidance and inspiration. We will then provide a proposal to ensure that your vision, timeline and budget are established. When you accept our proposal, the real transformation begins by putting ideas onto paper.

Preparing the Proposal - From information gathered at the site visit, we will provide a proposal specifically outlining design fees and the scope of the project. Once you sign and return this proposal with a deposit, your project will be scheduled.

Site Analysis for Base Plan – We will schedule a second visit to gather specific information for a site analysis. A base plan will be established using measurements and detailed photographs, noting existing trees, sun/shade patterns, drainage, water sources, slope, soil, climate, existing plants and conditions in the surrounding environment.

Preliminary Concept Plan – With information gathered at the second visit, we will draw the Preliminary Plan, outlining our design concepts for your landscape. This plan will include all proposed hardscapes such as pathways, patios or decks and new structures as well as the softscape layout which refers to general planting areas. We will meet with you to thoroughly review this scaled plan and give you a chance to “live with” and “absorb” the design concepts and make amendments if necessary. We place great emphasis on this extremely important phase of your project. This is where the soul of the landscape is shaped. Our plan view (bird’s eye view) will convey the style and spirit of the finished environment. A design is born. Elevations, sketches and photos may be used to help you visualize the design.

Final Plan Drawings – With your input and approval of the Concept Plan, we will draw the Final Plan. A Final Plan is a scaled and detailed schematic drawing depicting the layout of all garden elements, types of materials, and general plant notes. It will include a planting and lighting plan as well as any necessary construction drawings. While the concept drawings show the bones of the garden, this final plan will bring it to life. Botanical and common names of all plants, exact location, quantities and sizes will be clearly indicated. You will be given a copy of the Final Plan which can be used in pricing materials and obtaining competitive bids from contractors. We can suggest qualified contractors if needed and assist in reviewing bids to help choose the right one for your project. We will meet with the contractor that has been selected to review the plan and answer any questions they may have. We can also oversee the implementation of the plan and work as your advocate to ensure no details are lost.